Legend of Runeterra Mobile Version Available For Players In Singapore

Category: Games, Date: 11/March/2020

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Riot Games

Legend of Runeterra open beta mobile is now available for players in Singapore, the first country to have the mobile version playable, and they can now play the PC version as well.

The SEA region was the only region left out of the LoR PC open beta due to a lack of support in the area. Starting March 11 players in Singapore will have access to both the PC and mobile version.

“With our new games on the horizon, we made the decision in early 2019 to try to directly deliver our new games to players in Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau wherever possible—leveraging local partners as needed,” Riot said. “While most regions have been operating League of Legends with sizable Riot teams for many years, we began working to support our new games in SEA with a small team and no existing infrastructure.”

LoR mobile will be available on both Android and Apple phones. With mobile gaming growing rabidly and even generating more revenue than PC gaming for video game companies, it was expected that Riot would release a mobile version. Many players are eagerly waiting for the release of LoR on mobile, even though Riot hasn’t given an exact date on when the mobile version will release globally but it’s safe to say that it’s probably in the near future seeing as the game is already available in Singapore.