Is League Of Legends Launching A Dedicated Server For The Middle East?

Category: GamesBy: Sorryow, Date: 28/6/2019

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IGN Middle East spoke a little with Riot Games PR and Communications Manager Luciano Rahal and Head of Marketing Karim Hachani and was able to ask them multiple questions in regards to the game.

We’ll focus on one important question that was asked in the interview, “Will the Middle East get local servers for League Of Legends?”. Karim Hachani answered by stating that their first focus is to get a better ping overall for the whole region. 

He then continued saying that setting up a region in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) isn’t an easy task as the region isn’t small and countries are spread differently geographically and that they are working hard to achieve it, sadly they don’t have a set date when the servers will go live but they are making sure to work on decreasing the ping in general for the whole region whether a server will be available or not to attain a better gaming experience for players.

The MENA region has been known for having a bad ping issue due to the fact that it lacks a dedicated server, players are forced to play on other servers where their ping is just horrendous and puts the players at a disadvantage. 

The most common servers that MENA region players are on is the European servers (EUNE/EUW), mostly because they are the closest meaning lower ping overall and the capability of players to speak English on those servers helps out with language barriers.