Halo: The Master Chief Collection Hits Over One Million Sales On Steam

Category: Games, Date: 07/Dec/2019

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Halo: Reach launched on Steam on December 3, and since then over a million copies of Halo: The Master Chief Collection have been sold.

According to steamdb, the game has been sold between 1 million to 2 million times, meaning that it managed to break the 1 million mark and still selling more copies.

At the games launch day peak, the Halo: Reach hit 161,000 players online, managing to secure the fourth spot on steam’s most-played titles. At the time of writing, the game has over 40,000 players in-game.

Although this is the first time a Halo game has been introduced on PC since a decade (Microsoft launched Halo 2 for Windows Vista back in 2007), the game was popular on Xbox 360 and it’s remarkable to see Halo: Reach’s massive jump to the top of the most-played games on Steam.

Reach is the first game in the Halo: The Master Chief Collection to launch on PC, there are still five games to follow. So far it’s definitely making a huge success for Microsoft. All six games in the Halo: The Master Chief Collection are available in a bundle on Steam or through the Microsoft Store for $39.99. Reach can be bought separately for $9.99 or free as part of the Xbox Game Pass on Xbox and PC.

Players have reported an issue with the audio and mouse feel on Halo: Reach, which are problems that existed during the beta, hopefully, it will be addressed a soon as possible.