Halo Reach PC Requirements Minimum & 4K

Category: Games, Date: 02/Nov/2019

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Halo Reach PC Requirements
Credit: 343 Industries

343 Industries announced the minimum Halo Reach PC requirements and the required specifications to play the game in 1080p and 4K.

In a blog post, 343 industries shared details in regards to the upcoming PC version, in the specs chart the frames per second (FPS) target range is 50-60. The hardware types are CPU, GPU, and RAM, across both AMD and NVIDIA. A more detailed sheet of specs that includes integrated graphics at a later date will be revealed in the future.

The game requires very little to run smoothly, gamers with a somewhat old Pc can still enjoy the game and not worry about dropping below 50-60 range.

Important to note that those specs are for the Steam version of Halo Reach, Windows 10 version of the game is still being tested.

Halo Reach cross-play between the windows 10 and Steam versions. Xbox One and PC cross-play will be available but not immediately at launch according to 343 Industries.

343 Industries has yet to announce a specific date on when Halo Reach will launch, but it is expected to be released this year or early 2020.