Fortnite: The Random Numbers Are A Coded Message

Category: Games, Date: 13/Oct/2019

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Fortnite season-11 event
Credit: Epic Games

The random numbers appearing around the mysterious blue circle are actually linked to the Visitor’s tapes located around the map in Fortnite.

Players figured out that the random numbers are actually a coded message, and were found to be linked to the Visitor tapes.

Thooming on Twitter posted about the coded message:
The numbers: 11,146,15,62,87,14,106,2,150,69,146,15,36,2,176,8,160,65
The coded message: I was not alone. Others are outside the loop this was not calculated. The zero point is now inevitable.

The numbers do not represent any sort of countdown, we’re still unsure when the game will be online again.