Fortnite "The End" Watched By More Than 6 Million Viewers

Category: Games, Date: 13/Oct/2019

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Fortnite season 11 viewers
Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite viewership skyrocketed as more than 6 million people watched The End.

Fortnite is well known for having the highest viewership but today it has proved that it is without a doubt the dominant, the game had 4 million views on YouTube alone, while Twitch, Twitter and Mixer held around 2 million viewers, reported by esports journalist Rod Breslau.

It’s important to note that players that are watching The End through the Fortnite client aren’t taken into account in the viewership.

The black hole has settled and aside from random numbers appearing not much has changed, the numbers that have appeared up until now are:
11, 146, 15, 62, 87, 14, 106, 2, and 150.

It’s still unknown what the numbers truly represent, the viewership has dropped down for the time being but is expected to rise back up when the game is back online, revealing the new content along with it.