Fortnite Pro Kquid Accused Of Using Aimbot After Getting Banned

Category: Games, Date: 15/May/2020

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Epic Games

Professional Fortnite player Kai “Kquid” Eaton has been accused of using aimbot in-game after he was banned mid-game during Week 1 of the FNCS invitational.

On May 2, the FNC invitational started featuring many of the biggest stars in Fortnite, Kquid one of the players competing from the OCE region qualified for the event with impressive results from Fortnite’s Chapter 2 events, Kquid was banned mid-game during the first week of the ongoing FNCS event, which left the community baffled as to why.

Fortnite YouTuber SerpentAU later spoke out against Kquid, accusing the pro player of using aim assist for keyboard and mouse on Fortnite.

Serpent showcased in a short video multiple screenshots that highlighted some of the files and applications needed for the aim assist hacks. He also pointed out that some of those same files, which are used for masking and operating the cheat, were apparently visible on Kquid’s desktop during one of his earlier streams.

Serpent then tweeted out on Kquid’s claims that he was having PC issues, in his response to the ban, saying that it wouldn’t make sense for a PC that has recently been factory reset to cause the star a suspension. 

Serpent continued with his accusations and later claimed that he had “used literal aimbot,” while showing some clips Kquid’s gameplay during tournaments.

Until now none of Serpent’s claims can be proven, as the reason for suspension remains unknown. It is unlikely Epic Games will disclose publicly the reason behind their decision.

Kquid is officially out of the tournament.