Fortnite Chapter 2: Two New Revamped Assault Rifles And Grenade Leaked

Category: Games, Date: 20/Nov/2019

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Credit: Epic Games

Data miners are at it again with a new leak, two of previous weapons and a grenade in Fortnite might be coming back, but with a new fresh design.

Chapter 2 has been a little slow with new content unlike what players are used to in previous seasons, which got a lot of players worried about the future of the game.

With the v11.20 update, Epic Games teased an upcoming holiday event, giving their players hope. Now players might also be receiving new weapons.

Scoped AR and Heavy AR were previously in the game, but both were given a new fresh design.

Credit: HYPEX/Epic Games

Another leak is that we might see the return of “Snow Grenades” along with one item/prop that the leaker found called “Snowball” for the time being there are no exact details on what that is.

HYPEX also went a step further and leaked the sound files of the Heavy Assault Rifle, you can listen to firing and reloading sound.

Although the two weapons have been added into the game files, the data miners don’t have an exact date on when the weapons will be added to the game itself.

Presumably, the weapons be added in-game when the holiday event kicks off.