Fortnite Chapter 2 early patch notes: New map, boats, and more

Category: Games, Date:15/Oct/2019

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fortnite chapter 2 patch notes
Credit: Epic Games

After Fortnite was sucked into a black hole and players were locked out of the game for a couple of days, the new season ‘Chapter 2’ has finally arrived, with a whole new map and several new features.

Players have been waiting patiently for the new surprise Epic Games had in store for them for the new season, and they undoubtedly delivered!

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 Patch Notes:

New Map:
A brand-new island that holds new locations such as a Power Plant and Slurpy Swamp, with 13 total named areas on the map at launch.

Players are now able to pull fish out of the water. The Fish can offer heath and shield boosts to players, and even a rare weapon.

A new vehicle is now usable, with so much water on the new map boats are now added to the game and they come with boosters and missile launchers.
It’s still unknown how players will react to the new addition of boats especially after the dislike the community has shown towards BRUTEs.

Battle Pass:
Epic Games delivered the largest Battle Pass to date, 1,500 V-Bucks and cosmetics are attainable as you progress through the tiers.