Former Xbox Marketing Boss Says 'No Way' PS5 Is More Than $499

Category: Games, Date: 16/Jun/2020

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Former Xbox marketing boss Albert Penello had a few things to say on Twitter in regards to the PlayStation 5.

The PlayStation 5 was showcased last Thursday on Sony’s live stream “The Future of Gaming” getting fans excited for the next-gen console. Sony revealed two versions of the PlayStation 5 with and without a disc drive.

Fans still had many questions that were not answered, two of those are when will the PlayStation 5 officially release and the price of the console.

In a series of tweets, Albert Penello responded to a rumor saying that the PS5 will be priced at $600. Albert said that the PlayStation 5 will not be over $499. Known for his experience in the consoles marketing field, his insight is very well respected.

Shortly before that, Penello said that price would decide the winner of the next home console generation.

“Price in this generation may be the most important indicator of success. Maybe even more than exclusives,” he said. “There has never been a more divergent set of specs, features, and price points than I think we’re going to see this gen. It will be fascinating. Someone should write a book.”

It seems that with the ongoing pandemic, the price will play a massive role in determining which console people will prefer to buy, as current economic circumstances might limit players’ choices and would choose to go cheaper even if the other console is superior in performance.