Fans Believe Splatoon 3 Was Teased Over An Instagram Image

Category: Games, Date: 24/Dec/2019

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Today, Nintendo of America posted an image on Instagram that triggered Splatoon fans to believe that Splatoon 3 might be in the making.

The image posted on Instagram was of Callie and Marie of the original Splatoon alongside Pearl from Splatoon 2. Nintendo captioned the image with “But where’s Marina?” 

This made fans speculate that Marina’s disappearance might be linked to a story set to take place in Splatoon 3.

Some even came to the conclusion that Marina might have been killed. The rumors spread quickly, especially on Twitter where Splatoon 3 was a top trending topic, fans quickly assumed that Nintendo is teasing for a Splatoon 3 on Christmas Eve.

Well Nintendo finally gave fans an answer after about 12 hours of freaking out.

A second image was later posted by Nintendo of America on Instagram, and it turns out that Marina is not dead as some fans assumed she was, in fact, she was the one taking the picture. Sadly, there’s no Splatoon 3, at least not yet.