Family of CSGO Pro bruttJ Sues Former Teams For Negligence After His Death

Category: Games, Date: 16/Apr/2020

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Matheus ‘bruttJ’ Queiroz’s family is suing his former teams, Team Reapers and Imperial Esports, for negligence and claiming he was forced to play while he’s in pain, and the team houses were not “adequate.”

Queiroz passed away at the age of 19 in December 2019 due to “health complications” reported by team Imperial Esports. He has taken 10 days of break from CS: GO before passing away, which has been linked to a brain infected, reported by Brazilian news site UOL.

Queiroz’s family is now suing both Team Reapers and Imperial Esports claiming that the players were staying in a house with poor living conditions.

According to a news report by UOL, Queiroz suffered from “severe headaches, constant vomiting, and loss of vision” after moving into Team Reapers’ house back in August 2019.

It wasn’t only Queiroz that suffered from complications, other players felt nauseous, and suspected the cause could be linked to water supply in the house. “Some people had intestinal problems, but we’re not sure if it was because of the water or the food,” said a former player.

In November 2019, Queiroz switched teams and became part of Imperial Esports, the player’s mother claimed the players were having trouble resting due to the house being near a local airport, and there was a food shortage.

The players eventually moved out after it was reported to the management, but Queiroz passed away a couple of days later. Imperial offered around $150 USD to support the family’s medical costs and sent $1,000 after his death.

The family filed a labor claim against both Imperial and Reapers, believing the negligence from both teams caused the death of their son.

Team Reapers have told UOL that while Queiroz was living in the team house he showed “no symptoms” of any illness.