Epic Games Sues Apple And Google In The UK Over Fortnite Removal

Category: Games, Date: 16/Jan/2021

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Epic Games

Epic Games the creator of Fortnite has filed a lawsuit against both Apple and Google in the UK, claiming that they’re in violation of UK competition laws.

Last year, Apple and Google removed Fortnite from their smartphone app stores. The decision was made by both giant companies after Epic Games sidestepped Apple and Google’s rules over the 30% free earned off of the game. The developers of Fortnite said before that the 30% cut Apple and Google has been taking is too much.

In August 2020, Epic Games allowed Fortnite players to purchase in-game currency at a lower price directly from Epic Games. As such Apple and Google accused Epic Games of breaking their terms and condition and removed Fortnite from their services, Apple even terminated Epic Games’ developer account.

Now Epic Games alleges that both companies are abusing their power by:

· unfairly restricting competition from alternative app stores
· stopping developers using their own payment-processing services for purchases
· charging “unfair prices for the distribution of apps”

Epic Games is seeking from the court:

· reinstate Epic Games’ software and accounts
· let developers use their own payment-processing systems in their apps
· let consumers download Epic Games’ software outside of the App Store or Google Play

In a statement, Epic Games said: “We believe that this is an important argument to make on behalf of consumers and developers in the UK and around the world who are impacted by Apple and Google’s misuse of market power.”

Epic Games is also taking legal action in the US and Australia.