Epic Games Sends Personal Information Of A Player To A Random Person!

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Category: GamesBy: Sorryow, Date: 22/5/2019

A Reddit user going by the name “TurboToast3000”, posted on Reddit that his personal information has been sent to a completely random person by Epic Games.

TurboToast3000 requested his personal information that is collected by Epic Games to be sent to him, according to the GDPR law he is allowed to ask for such information and Epic Games is obliged to send it to him.

Epic Games did, in fact, send the personal information that was requested but they also informed him that that same information was sent by mistake to a random person.

Epic Games Response:

We regret to inform you that, due to human error, a player support representative accidentally also sent the information you requested to another player. We quickly recognized the mistake and followed up with the player and they confirmed that they deleted it from their local machine.
We regret this error and can’t apologize enough for this mistake. As a result, we’ve already begun making changes to our process to ensure this doesn’t happen again.
Thank you for understanding.”
Credit: Reddit TurboToast3000


Outraged TurboToast3000 posted all about the incident on Reddit, stating that all his personal information which included his address, his real name, purchase history, purchase information, and his IP address were sent to a stranger and all he received was a “sorry” from Epic Games and that he has to trust that the random person he doesn’t know anything about deleted the information off of their local machine.

A lot of Reddit users have urged the original poster to take legal actions against Epic Games, as their mistake can be costly and personal information is a serious matter to the GDPR. 

A Reddit user commented:

“Epic has a care of duty to report this breach within 72 hours of becoming aware of the breach. They MUST report it to their authority (if you’re UK, this is the ICO). If they didn’t or don’t report it within this time-frame, they could face severe consequences.”

This will definitely reflect negatively on Epic Games damaging the trust of their customers in them and it also gives everyone a wake-up call that our information online isn’t 100% safe with the companies we entrust it with.