Epic Games Is Suing Fortnite Tester For Leaking Chapter 2

Category: Games, Date: 26/Oct/2019

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Epic games sues Fortnite 2 leaker
Credit: Epic Games

Epic Games is suing a Fortnite user experience tester for leaking information on Fortnite Chapter 2.

The Fortnite world was engulfed by a black hole leaving fans confused and unsure of what is happening to their game. On October 15, Fortnite Chapter 2 was released and the game was playable again in a whole new world.

Polygon reports that Ronald Sykes, known online as @invisiblellama9, leaked information about Fortnite Chapter 2 a few days before the black hole engulfed everything. Epic Games filed a lawsuit today against him in a North Carolina Court.

The lawsuit stated that Sykes broke a non-disclosure agreement by using his position as a user experience tester to reveal information publicly. “He did so at the expense of Epic and those in the Fortnite community who were anxiously awaiting the new season of Fortnite only to have some of Epic’s planned surprises spoiled by Sykes’ leaks,” lawyers wrote.

Sykes allegedly tweeted out information about the new season 11, revealing that players will be able to swim, Sykes also posted an image of the new map for Chapter 2.

“As a direct result of Sykes’ breach of his contractual obligations under his NDA, Epic has sustained and will continue to sustain damages in an amount to be determined,” Epic Games said in the lawsuit.

Epic Games has refused to comment publicly about the whole situation.