DualShock 5 Patent Suggests It Might Have Biofeedback Sensors

Category: Games, Date: 24/Feb/2020

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A new patent of the Dualshock 5 by Sony suggests that the new controller can use biofeedback technology.

The biofeedback technology can monitor the user’s heart rate and sweat secretion levels according to Respawn First. 

“biofeedback information to select between one or more options presented in a piece of content without the user having to provide further input”


The sensors are placed on the back and front of the controller, although the patent doesn’t really inform us of what the biofeedback the changes it’ll provide to the system, the controllers will reportedly be used to alter a user’s gaming experience. For example, a horror game will be able to monitor how scared the user is and alter your experience accordingly.

According to the patent, the PlayStation 5 will also use the camera to capture the image of the player. This will provide “an immersive and highly interactive experience for players.” 

“There is a desire in computer gaming to provide an immersive and highly interactive experience for players, so as to enhance the enjoyment of the player,” the patent reads. 

“This has become of particular interest with the increasing availability of head-mounted displays.”