Dignitas Receive Backlash From Community For Unpaid Intern Position

Category: Games, Date: 12/Feb/2021

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Esports Organization Dignitas is under fire after posting a job offer for a non-paying intern position, even though the team is owned by the NBA team, the Philadelphia 76ers.

On February 11, the Organization tweeted out that they were looking to hire a League of Legends Player Manager Intern. The tweet has now been deleted after a massive backlash from fans when they realized that the position is unpaid.

The job would require the candidate to assist with the LoL team’s management operations but would be work around their current schedule of classes.

“You guys have NBA money. Expecting someone to work for free in LA is a bad look,” esports host Akinola Verissimo remarked. “If someone is doing work that helps your bottom line, pay them. The only acceptable angle where unpaid would work is if they get to sit, watch, and learn, like a school class.”

“You guys can do better. Pay your interns,” TSM content producer Cryssylol commented.

“Shame on you for not offering any compensation,” LEC journalist Tom Matthiesen added.
Following the backlash, Dignitas made a response before also deleting it along with the original post.

“This is a 12 week, 15-20 hour / week program meant for a college student that will work around the intern’s current schedule of classes,” the team explained. “All business-related expenses will be subject to the company’s reimbursement policy.”

Unpaid internships aren’t something new in the job field, but fans were upset that an esports team owned by NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers can afford to pay for an intern job and chose not to, especially in the current global pandemic.