CS:GO S1mple Banned From Twitch, Asks For His Partnership To Be Canceled

Category: Entertainment, Date: 29/Nov/2019

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Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev, professional CS:GO player, has been banned from the streaming platform, Twitch.

S1mple is considered one of the best players in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and he regularly shows off his skills on stream. This is the second time S1mple was banned from Twitch, his first ban was after he used a homophobic Russian slur.

The CS:GO star might have been banned for a second time for the same offense, S1mple tweeted in regards to the suspension.

“Stupid Twitch doesn’t understand the different meanings of the same word in different contexts,” S1mple said. “I’m tired of streaming on a terrible platform, always choosing the right words. If you give ban for nothing, then the rules should be the same for other streamers as well.”

S1mple then stated that he wants his partnership with Twitch removed, meaning that he no longer wants to stream on the platform. A couple of big streamers have moved to other streaming platforms, such as Ninja and Shroud, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if s1mple does the same. Many of his fans are suggesting Mixer or YouTube for the star to stream on.

Twitch has yet to comment in regards to s1mple’s ban and probably won’t. Twitch is known to issue suspensions and not comment much on them, streamers are the ones that share the reason for their suspension publicly.