China Bans Blood, Use Of Word "Kill" in Video Games

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Category: GamesBy: Sorryow, Date: 17/5/2019



China has long been strict in regards to what’s allowed in the gaming industry, censoring a lot in video games to accommodate their culture.

China has banned before any depiction of blood, gore and dismembered human body parts. They have also banned skeletons and zombies as it is considered dishonoring the dead and ancestors. All these have forced game industries to work around them by changing the color of the blood and moving away to other kinds of monsters.

China now has come out with a stricter ban, noted on a Gamasutra Blog, The country is banning anything that can be perceived as blood, meaning coloring the blood anything other the red will not cut it anymore. China also will ban the word “Kill”, the word cannot be used in any way in game.

These regulations have led a lot of changes such as Player Unknown’s BattleGround getting renamed to Game for Peace. That and the death animation has been changed to characters placing the items they were carrying on the ground, followed up with waving goodbye before vanishing.

Games that were approved for sale in China in the past are not necessarily safe from this regulation. Already approved games can lose their license if developers don’t start doing immediate changes to their games.