Blizzard Cancels StarCraft FPS To Focus On Diablo 4 And Overwatch 2

Category: GamesBy: Sorryow, Date: 8/6/2019

According to reliable Kotaku insider Jason Schreier, the new StarCraft first-person shooter that Blizzard has been working on for the past two years has been canceled, apparently the reason behind that decision was to pour more resources into the development of Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2.

It was already known that Diablo 4 was already in the making, the surprise that shook the community was the mention of an Overwatch 2, for a long time people have joked around about the creation of an Overwatch 2 game but it was never a serious discussion, well not until now.

What will Overwatch 2 be though? Will it replace the current Overwatch as a better version of it? That highly won’t be the case. A lot of rumors went on to suggest that Overwatch 2 will probably and according to Schreier, Overwatch 2 will have a large co-op PvE element, with some Blizzard devs comparing the game to Left 4 Dead.

Another possibility is that Overwatch 2 might be going the same route Diablo 4 is, it could be a mobile game, it’s well-known Activation has set its eyes on the mobile gaming industry market, especially the widespread and success of many games on mobile in Asian countries.

If Overwatch 2 is in fact a mobile game we highly doubt they’ll do the same marketing method they did with Diablo 4, hyping up the game only to announce at Blizzcon that it will not be on PC or Console platforms which caused a huge upset to the community that was eager to play the new game on their preferred platform. Blizzard will probably be clear on whether Overwatch 2 is strictly a mobile game or if it will hit other gaming platforms.