Bandai Namco Is Working On Its Most Expensive Game Ever

Category: Games, Date: 02/Jan/2021

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Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco is in the works of developing a new project that could potentially be the highest-budget game in the company’s history.

The company has published a lot of popular titles such as Tekken, Soul Calibur, Dark Souls, and Smash Bros. 

During the recent Piro Live! New Year’s Eve Special 2021 livestream, the general manager, director, and producer for Bandai Namco Katsuhiro Harada hinted at a new project being worked on.

In an interview originally translated by Gematsu, Harada expressed his genuine surprise that the company higher-ups actually approved a project of this scale.

“Well, honestly I think this might be the most costly development project in Bandai Namco history,” Harada said during the event. “I think it’s incredible that the higher-ups approved of this. Well, the approval has passed, it’s just that due to the coronavirus, we haven’t really been able to properly start the project.”

Harada is well known for his work on fighting games, but the upcoming project will isn’t a fighting game. Which makes things a little more interesting testing Harada’s capabilities on other game genres.

 “I’m developing things other than fighting games. I don’t think I’ll ever do any other fighting game other than Tekken. But I won’t say what this project is at this point,” Harada said.

Hamada was a producer on the Pokémon fighting games Pokkén Tournament and Pokkén Tournament DX, he also directed Tekken 7, released in arcades in 2015 and on consoles in 2017. 

There isn’t any information on what the game will actually be nor when is it expected for the game to launch. It will probably take a couple of years before seeing a release date.