Are YouTube And Twitch Killing Video Games?

Category: GamesBy: Sorryow, Date: 16/7/2019

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The popularity of both Twitch and YouTube has been increasing, with live streaming becoming an important aspect on both platforms. That led for some to believe that live streaming has brought upon some negativity on the sales of Video Games, especially games that rely solely on a Story line such as Detroit: Become Human and A Way Out.

Both the game developers of those specific games had a different opinion,  Josef Fares and David Cage believed that the opposite is occurring, as both platforms, YouTube and Twitch, have been helping boost their sales rather than lower them, they believe that a lot of players aren’t content with just watching someone else play the game, but will want to experience the game themselves.

The developer of Detroit: Become Human mentioned a different reason to why he believes both platforms are beneficial to his game, as the game has different plots and endings it will push viewers into trying out the game in order to discover new plots.

As for the developer of A way out, he felt worried about the game’s success and sales due to it receiving a lot of popularity on Twitch, but what ended up happening was completely different, in his opinion he thinks that players wanted to try out the game with their friends, especially those that haven’t experienced the game at all or watched it.