According To A Report Valorant Beta Starting This Week

Category: Games, Date: 03/March/2020

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Riot Games

A report has sparked rumors suggesting that the new game by Riot Games, Valorant, will have a beta and it might be pretty soon.

Riot Games announced Valorant on March 2, and the game is set to launch in Summer 2020. Riot Games didn’t announce a beta release of the game, although some speculated that the game’s launch in Summer 2020 is the beta version of the game.

The rumors started after a post on Eurogamer, which states that a beta of the game will be releasing much sooner than expected. The article posted also confirms that the game will free-to-play.


The information on Eurogamer though was not featured in Riot’s official press release for Valorant. Riot Games has yet to confirm any of the rumors, so there’s the possibility that the information was unintentionally revealed early or simply an error.

In another Eurogamer article, the author states “as the game approaches its beta” which also confirms that a beta is on the way.

Until now nothing has been confirmed and we can only wait till Riot Games announces anything new or just wait till Summer 2020 when the game is launched.