A 16-Year-Old Wins The Fortnite World Cup Only To Have His Social Media Hacked Shortly After

Category: GamesBy: Sorryow, Date: 29/7/2019

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Kyle Giesrdorf, also known as “Bugha”, is a 16-year-old teenager from the United States, Philadelphia. Kyle managed to secure the first spot in the Fortnite World Cup solo champion on Sunday, winning $3 million.

“Words can’t even explain how I feel right now” Kyle said.

The tournament held 200 players around the world to compete against one another in New York, the total sum of the prize pool was $30 million.

None of the competitors left empty-handed even those that didn’t win left with $50,000.

Kyle’s social media blew off after he won the tournament especially after the popular Fortnite streamer Ninja took a picture with the 16-year old and posted it on his twitter. 

Shortly after, Kyle’s social media were compromised and the unknown person tweeted “Follow @perocet @_eclan we in the vip lounge dropping dom p bottles live stream in 10 following 100 back in an hour”.

They then retweeted a post which said, “Fuck egirls” along with a screenshot of a girl’s Twitter account.


Sentinels, an E-sport organization which Kyle is signed with tweeted through Kyle’s twitter regarding the whole ordeal and that they’re doing their best to get the re-tweet off of the account.

Kyle’s Twitch was also hacked, around a hundred Twitch subscription was gifted to twitch users, Sentinels is also handling it with Twitch.