37 CSGO Coaches Banned After ESIC Investigation Of Spectator Bug

Category: Games, Date: 28/Sep/2020

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The Esports Integrity Commision (ESIC) has announced that it will sanction 37 coaches after an investigation into the use of the CS: GO spectator bug.

The CS: GO spectator bug allowed the spectating player (the coach) to have a birds-eye view from specific points on the map, which gives the team abusing the bug an unfair advantage.

Initially, three coaches were banned by the ESL but that was not the end of it. After an ongoing investigation since September 4, ESL found 37 coaches whom abused the spectator bug.

All 37 coaches were banned from official tournament action for periods raging between 3.75 to 36 months.

ESIC states that they “could not ascertain, with any reasonable certainty, whether the teams related to the offending parties were complicit in the exploitation of the Spectator Bug at the time that the offenses took place. As such, ESIC will not make a comment in this regard and encourages the community to refrain from speculation on this element.”

“ESIC believes all sanctioning decisions must be proportionate, fair and consistent,” the report continues. “We have gone to great lengths to ensure the calculation of the sanctions imposed on the offending coaches comply with these standards.”

Full list of banned CSGO coaches (Teams listed are at time of infraction):

–  Twista (iGame.com): 15.75 months

–  casle (maquinas): 10 months

–  dinamito (Furious Gamer): 10 months

–  ArnoZ1K4 (Evidence): 10 months

–  Rejin (Tricked): 19.8 months

–  glouDH (Freestyle): 10 months

–  prd (Neverest): 10 months

–  nook (QB Fire): 7.5 months

–  rikz (DETONA): 10 months

–  Apoka (LG/INTZ/BOOM): 5.4 months

–  MechanoGun (Hard Legion): 36 months

–  hellpopovich (9z): 10 months

–  fuRy^ (DreamEaters): 7.5 months

–  Solaar (Syman/k23): 10 months

–  HUNDEN (Heroic): 8 months

–  dead (SK/MiBR): 6.5 months

–  guerri (Furia): 4 months

–  pita (NiP): 10 months

–  AKIMOV (Hard Legion): 7.5 months

–  F_1N (Gambit Youngsters): 8.75 months

–  ellllll (Imperial/paiN): 10 months

–  peu (W7M): 5 months

–  RobbaN (FaZe Clan): 5.5 months

–  Loord (Kinguin/Aristocracy): 6 months

–  ToH1o (Ex-Outlaws/Windigo): 10 months

–  Andi (NAVI): 10 months

–  pepik (eSuba): 10 months

–  B1GGY (Heretics): 7.5 months

–  chrille (Epsilon/Red Reserve): 10 months

–  starix (NAVI): 10 months

–  ave (North): 10 months

–  rosey (Nordavind): 10 months

–  LMBT_R (Hellraisers/forZe): 7.5 months

–  FeTiSh (Heroic): 3.75 months

–  miNIr0x (AGO) 3.75 months

–  pNshr (SKADE): 3.75 months

–  ruggah (Dignitas): 3.75 months

ESIC concluded their report with a message to the CS:GO community:

“We understand that these revelations have been tough for many people within the CS:GO community, but we believe it is in the long-term best interests of the game and all of esports for integrity breaches to be dealt with head-on,” they wrote.

“We know that most coaches, players, tournament organizers, publishers and developers, fans, sponsors and broadcasters want CS:GO and esports to be clean and a fair competition between players and teams doing their very best to win. We see our job as being to ensure that that happens and that corrupt and bad actors are rehabilitated or removed.”

The sanctions issued by ESIC against the 37 CS:GO coaches means they:

–  must not actively or passively communicate with the team starting 15 minutes prior to the official match start up until the end of the match

– must not be physically present around the team starting 15 minutes prior to the official match start up until the end of the match

–  must not be on the game server during official matches

–  must not be on the official match channel on the Discord server

–  must not be part of the official map veto process nor be in communication with the team during this process

A further report is due for release in October, which might reveal more implications in the esports scene.