xQc's Twitch Ban Was Lifted And Dr.Disrespect Shared His Opinion Over The Ban

Category: EntertainmentBy: Sorryow, Date: 1/8/2019

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@xQcow and @dr.disrespect

Félix “xQc” Lengyel popular twitch streamer and member of Team Canada for the Overwatch World Cup was banned two days ago on twitch for violating terms of service.

xQc stated that in one of the videos he was watching a frame not fully covered showed a part of a penis. He said that initially Twitch stated that he won’t be banned, but upon review, they decided on a three-day suspension.

xQc’s suspension was later removed and he’s currently unbanned after he wrote an appeal to Twitch while on stream.

Dr.Disrespect commented on the xQc’s ban on his stream. Dr.Disrespect was not in agreement with Twitch’s actions, saying that it was not xQc’s intention to show a penis on stream, it was simply an accident, accidents happen.

Dr.Disrespect was banned from Twitch back in June while streaming from E3 he had entered a public bathroom while still live streaming, he had spoken about it at the time stating that it was a mistake and his intention was not to break Twitch’s terms of service.

This also created an outrage on Twitter, with people going off on Twitch for banning xQc and not banning Alinity, a person that threw her cat behind her shoulder and fed her cat vodka, even after PETA asked Twitch to ban her for animal cruelty but it still went unaddressed.

Twitch unbanning xQc slightly calmed down the fire, but fingers are still pointed on Twitch for favoring streamers over others.

Alecludford, another Twitch streamer commented on the fact that xQc also gets special treatment. xQc was informed by a Twitch staff that he’ll be banned while still and continued to live stream, whereas if the roles were reversed Alec’s stream would have been shut down immediately and would have only received an email.