xQc Receives A Suspicious Package, Reports The Sender To The Police

Category: Entertainment, Date: 03/Feb/2020

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Twitch: xQcOW

Popular Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was left terrified and shocked after receiving a suspicious package full of syringes from a fan.

Fans from all over the world can send xQc gifts through the PO box he has set up, the streamer occasionally unboxes the packages he receives live on stream for everyone to see the different “gifts” he receives.

On February 2, the streamer was unboxing the packages, as usual, but one of the packages he opened contained a bag of syringes. xQc was in complete shock, he then threw the package in the bin and immediately went to wash his hands.

Some of his viewers questioned xQc on whether the syringes are fake, to which xQc replied with, “No, they’re not, they’re real syringes, what the f**k man. That’s f**king scary dude, don’t do sh*t like that. I know that I sound like a fucking p*ssy but that’s f**king ruined… f**k man.”
While xQc’s friend, Adept, was helping him deal with the package safely, xQc asked his chat on whether he’ll be safe or not.

“Chat, I hate to ask, but you saw how I opened it right? Like very carefully? Nothing could have happened right? It didn’t poke me, they were hard sealed.”
“F**k, my heart’s racing dude. I’m not a p*ssy dude, it’s just weird, that sh*t can be life-threatening. That’s not funny, it’s not even half-funny, not a little bit.”

After calming down xQc informed his chat that he will be contacting the police to report the sender of the package, with the package having a return-to-sender address.

He later tweeted out to his fans stating he will put the PO Box openings on hold before thanking his fans for the constant support.

“HEY, I’m putting the PO BOX/openings on hold for an undetermined amount of time. Please don’t send anything there for the time being. You guys are crazy supportive and sent an insane amount of things while it was open tyvm. I’ll let everyone know when we’ll do openings again ♥️”