xQc Banned On Twitch For Third Time After Showing Explicit Content On Stream

Category: Entertainment, Date: 12/Jun/2020

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Popular Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has been banned for the third time after he streamed explicit content to his viewers.

On June 11, Felix announced on Twitter the reason behind the suspension on his channel saying “Banned for 24 hours, showed a gorilla supposedly f***ing another for about a second by accident.”

The streamer continued, “A little confused, considering the nature of the video, length, and in reality, if it’s an actual concern or if there’s actually any damage done. No one thought anything of it, it was even in a meme format.”

According to Twitch’s Community Guidelines “explicit content or activities” are prohibited on the platform. This is likely what got xQc banned.

The community initially assumed that xQc was handed a DMCA takedown, especially after the recent even with many streamers receiving either warning or suspensions for playing copyrighted music on their stream. 

However, Twitch streamer Adept clarified that xQc’s suspension was not due to a DMCA takedown but did not comment on the actual reason behind the suspension.

“We don’t wanna get DMCA’d, which, by the way, is not why xQc got banned, but keep talking like you know what’s going on,” she said at the end of her stream.

xQc’s suspension will last for 24 hours, his account will be back up late June 12.