xQc Banned on Twitch After Playing An Inappropriate Game

Category: Entertainment, Date: 01/March/2020

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Former professional Overwatch player Felix “xQc” Lengyel has been banned from Twitch, after playing a suggestive game that showed nudity for a brief time during his livestream.

While xQc was playing Strip 4, a risqué video game version of Connect Four, he beat a female opponent and was rewarded with the option of seeing the female taking her bra off. After clicking “yes” the scene changed to the female now without her bra on which led xQc to quickly click away from the game window.

Shortly after the incident, xQc’s stream went offline and he explained on Discord that he had been banned from the streaming platform. xQc stated that his viewers mass reported him which caused an immediate suspension. “Instabans are 100% mass report results, not manual,” he said in his Discord channel. “Manual bans take a day to kick in.”

Twitch has strict rules prohibiting streamers from showing nudity, pornography, or other sexually explicit content. Up until now, it’s unknown how long xQc’s suspension will last, usually, the punishment for breaking this rule is a three-day suspension, but xQc has been suspended from Twitch in the past which might lengthen his suspension’s period.

The popular streamer’s fans were outraged when he was suspended, demanding that Twitch revoke the punishment. Fans even started the hashtag #unbanxQc, they pointed out that it was not intentional and that xQc immediately clicked away when the nudity scene was shown.

Popular Youtuber KEEMSTAR posted a clip on Twitter comparing xQc’s incident with that of a female streamer, ZombieUnicorn, that wasn’t punished by Twitch. KEEMSTAR captioned his tweet “Once again Twitch proven to be sexist against male streamers.”

Twitch did not comment about the whole incident and up until now, it’s unknown how long the suspension period will be.