xQc And Adept Confirm They're Dating After A Slip-up On Stream

Category: Entertainment, Date: 30/Mar/2021

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xQc and Adept have finally confirmed they are dating after thousands of viewers saw them kiss and cuddle during Adept’s live stream on Twitch.

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and Adept have been “only” roommates for years, at least that’s what they told their viewers. But fans suspected that there’s more to their relationship, rumors surfaced that the Twitch pair are actually dating but it was never confirmed.

On March 29, while Adept was streaming GTA 5 playing poker, xQc walked into the room and gave her a kiss on the forehead before giving her a hug. He seemingly didn’t notice that her cam is on, as sometimes Adept would opt to keep it off while she’s streaming.

With thousands of viewers now watching the couple being intimate, they considered it solid proof that the pair are in a relationship. Adept then went on Twitter and confirmed the speculations.

“What if I told you we were never just roommates?” she wrote on Twitter.

She also followed it up saying, “I felt bad watching so many people trying to map a timeline from when we went from roommates to dating.”

Although many have already made up their mind that both xQc and Adept are in a relationship, now there’s no room for speculations anymore as it has been officially confirmed.