Valkyrae Shares Her Thoughts On Alinity Dog Incident

Category: Entertainment, Date: 09/Dec/2019

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Twitter: Valkyrae/Alinitydivine

Popular Twitch streamer Rachel ‘Valkyrae’ Hofsetter shared her thoughts in regards to Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon’s dog incident on stream.

Alinity has been on the receiving end of people’s hatred once again after her dog sniffed her privates live on stream while she attempted to do a yoga pose. PETA commented on the situation, stating that they want the streamer banned from the platform for animal cruelty.

Valkyrae shared her thoughts about the whole incident live on stream. 

“I’m just going to say… That dog keeps doing it because it’s been allowed, multiple times… Alright?” She said.

Valkyrae is a dog owner herself, and although she only shared little about Alinity’s incident on stream, she seemed to have plenty more to say but chose to end it with “that’s all I’m going to say.”

This isn’t the first time that Alinity sparked controversy due to a pet incident live on stream, she received massive backlash back in July after tossing her cat behind her, prompting the community to demand Twitch to suspend Alinity.

Twitch hasn’t taken any actions towards Alinity for any of the incidents that occurred on her stream and until now they haven’t given a comment in regards to both previous incidents even after PETA asked them to suspend the streamer.