Twitch Streamers Receive DMCA Claims On Old Clips

Category: Entertainment, Date: 08/Jun/2020

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Many Twitch streamers found their channels had received copyright strikes on their videos, even though some are over a year old.

Twitter was flooded by Twitch streamers upset that they’ve been receiving warnings after Twitch was hit by DMCA claims across the platform. Many of the struck videos are over a year old.

Popular streamer Fuslie revealed on Twitter that her channel was being threatened with a permanent ban due to the DMCA claims.

“I’ve been issued 2 copyright strikes on my channel (both from clips over a year old) in the past week and told that if they find one more violation in my clips, my twitch channel will be permabanned,” she tweeted.

When she contacted Twitch, they suggested that she should delete or her clips. “Have talked with multiple Twitch staff all telling me my best option is to delete all of my clips ever. I feel so helpless right now. I’ve built this channel up for 5 years and to potentially lose it all so fast to something like this would be devastating,” she continued.

Although Twitch already automatically mutes copyrighted music on streamers VODS, it seems the functionality doesn’t apply to stream clips which are causing DMCA claims, and for popular streamers, with thousands of clips, it could take days to delete them all as there isn’t a practical method to delete all the clips at once and the streamer has to delete them one by one.

Twitch later made an announcement on Twitter stating that they’ve had an influx takedown request, and the first time they received DMCA claims on clips. They advised streamers to delete all clips and Twitch is working on making it easier for those with large archives.

Twitch has no choice but to act on DMCA takedowns from outside companies. But it was shocking for everyone that they decided to flag old clips. For the time being, streamers should avoid playing copyrighted music on stream to avoid any suspensions.