Twitch Streamers Criticizing Mixer's Clothing Guidelines

Category: EntertainmentBy: Sorryow, Date: 6/8/2019

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It seems after Ninja’s move to Mixer, a lot of eyes have focused on the platform.
Mixer is a streaming platform for “Gamers”, the site seems to be trying to learn from Twitch’s mistakes and as such have set really strict rules.
Some streamers seem to be against Mixer’s strict guidelines on clothing and stated that the guidelines are against female streamers showing their feminine side.
Mixer’s clothing guidelines are separated into three sections: “Family-friendly stream,” “Teen Stream,” and “18+ stream.”

Family Friendly:
·      Clothing must cover entire visible body from a few inches above the bust-line
·       It cannot be strapless and should show little to no cleavage
Teen Stream:
·       Clothing can reveal more than a hint of cleavage but still covers the entire visible body
·       Cannot be strapless 
18+ Stream:
·       The chest must be covered from the bust-line to the end of the rib cage. No “under cleavage”
·       Clothing that shows the midriff such as crop tops are allowed
·       Strapless tops only if the top can be clearly seen on camera. No one should have to “guess” if the streamer is wearing clothing
·       Situational appropriate clothing is allowed
Some of the tweets:

It’s important to note that most of those that are disliking Mixer’s clothing Guidelines are Twitch streamers, would we see them moving onto Mixer if the guidelines were changed to their liking?

For the time being Mixer seems determined to keep their platform “Gaming oriented” and “Family-friendly” avoiding the same problems Twitch has gone and still going through, from streamers dressing sexually suggestive clothing to actual nudity incidents on their platform, all that can affect stream platform’s advertisers negatively.