Twitch Streamer Viperous Mistakenly Banned For Saying a 'Hateful Slur'

Category: Entertainment, Date: 13/Nov/2019

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Instagram: sincellas/Twitch

Twitch streamer Viperous was banned for allegedly using the N-word live on stream, only for Twitch to revoke their decision later on.

On November 8, Viperous received a 7-day suspension for allegedly saying a racial slur on stream. A clip was spread of her calling an opponent in a game “nerd”, due to the lack of clarity in the audio, the word was claimed to be the N-word.

“I just got banned on Twitch for a clip of me that went around for literally saying “nerd”. I call people who kill me nerd all the time and whatever it sounds like i said, it was literally just nerd. Why am i getting banned for something I DIDNT EVEN DO,” Viperous tweeted after her suspension.

A slowed-down version was shared on Twitter in an attempt to clarify what she exactly said, and it does sound like Viperous was saying the word “Nerd” and not a racial slur.

On November 12, 4-days after Viperous’s suspension, Twitch revoked their decision and apologized to the streamer for their mistake.

Popular Twitch streamer Ben ‘DrLupo’ Lupo helped out Viperous by presumably contacting with Twitch through his channel to assist and get Twitch’s attention to their mistake.

DrLupo also gifted 100 subscriptions to Viperous’s Twitch channel hoping it would help her out after the 4 days suspension.

Twitch has made in the past many mistakes due to mishearing streamers while live streaming, which would result in unfair suspensions.

A similar case is the suspension of League of Legends streamer ‘Pinkward’ saying the word “Yikers” which was misheard as a racial slur.