Twitch Streamer Saves A Woman Getting Harassed by Drunk Men

Category: Entertainment, Date: 12/Feb/2020

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Twitch: robcdee

In real life “IRL” Twitch streamer “robcdee” manages to help an unconscious woman from a group of drunken men harassing her by alerting the police.

On February 11, while robcdee was live streaming as he walked around at night in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, Japan, he spotted a woman laying down on the floor unconscious with three drunk men standing around her. It’s pretty common in that area that people leaving bars will find themselves blacked-out on the street, and unfortunately, this unknown woman was in possible danger.

Robcdee quickly got the attention of two cops, alerting them of what’s going on in the alleyway. The cops approached the group of men harassing the woman and were quickly flustered when they were asked if they knew the girl. 

The group of men quickly left the scene and the cops helped the woman out to find a safe place for her to rest. Robcdee continued his journey with his viewers around Tokyo.

This isn’t the first time robcdee helped out a woman he completely doesn’t know in Japan, a day before this incident he also helped a woman from a stalker by pretending to be her friend. The woman thanked the streamer after the stalker walked away.

Although the woman was unconscious when robcdee helped her from being harassed by the group of drunken men, she definitely is thankful that someone made sure that she’s safe.