Twitch Streamer RajjPatel Changes His Brand Name Due To It Being “Personally And Professionally Insensitive”

Category: Entertainment, Date: 11/Jun/2020

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Twitch: AustinShow

Popular streamer formerly known as Rajj Patel announced that he will be changing his social media and his Twitch username to his real first name, Austin.

In Twitlonger, Austin explained the reason behind his decision to change his brand’s name, stating that he doesn’t want to take parts of the Indian culture that he does not “have the right to represent.” A discussion with his friends in the Indian community helped him realize that his name is personally and professionally insensitive.

“When I look back on myself in 2013, I was ignorant and approached the Rajj character as an actor,” he explained. “I had a big group of friends in the Indian community and thought that meant that I understood the consequences and history of the choices I made on camera.”
Austin explained that, as a white man, he can never understand the hardships and struggles experienced by people of color.

“The South Asian & Indian community, I would like to give you what is long overdue, I’m sorry… I don’t want any part of my image, name, or persona to be inappropriately borrowed from a culture that I don’t have the right to represent. So moving forward I will be going by my first name, Austin, and rebranding everything as a derivative of that.”

The streamer’s new Twitter handle is @AustinOnTwitter, and his talk show previously known as ‘The Rajjchelor’ will now be called AustinShow.