Twitch Streamer Kicked From A Stream Team For Identifying As LGBTQ+

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Category: EntertainmentBy: Sorryow, Date: 22/5/2019


Today A Twitch Streamer going by the name “Lylovir” tweeted that he was removed from a Retro stream team for identifying himself and his stream as LGBTQ.




Lylovir a small streamer that enjoys playing retro games was contacted by “Team Retro Craze” and was asked to join their team, later invited to their own discord channel. On April 6th Lylovir was removed from the team and discord server and was messaged the following:

cichambers00: For your convenience I am pasting the behavioral expectations that can he found on the discord: ‘Behavioral Expectations Albeit a sensitive subject to many, I think it’s important to set the expectations on behavior right away as we continue to grow as a team. We all want to be on the same page on this. We like to use the phrase “Be the Lighter Version of  yourself”. We encourage that you be who you are (after all, that’s what got you here in the first place) but we also want you to he mindful that you will be presenting yourself and your content to a wider variety audience and we want to ensure that everyone feels welcomed and respected. We strongly discourage controversial or sensitive subjects such as politics, religion and many more. We all just want to share our mutual passion- Video Games. Liquids, Foods and smoking are also permitted steam with reasonable consumption.”
cichambers00: I like to encourage all team members to use twitch exclusively for the use of gaming, and to only have game related content on their stream. Non-gaming purposes such as using the LGBT tag, or promoting another streamer and describing them specifically as “Trans, political, variety streamer… give people the impression that you are using twitch for more than just gaming purposes. I have seen controversy and I have seen extremely sensitive issues like this rum friendships and cause great harm and division on Twitch. I am sure you have great intentions for wanting to try and make everyone comfortable but I can assure you there are people on the other side who feel uncomfortable when they see this tag and it can turn certain people off from your stream Per the expectations it is important for all elements of your stream to be and remain exclusively gaming related. It for some reason you wish to use twitch for non-gaming purposes too then there might be some other teams out there who don’t mind the non-gaming stuff. Let me know, no worries, no rush, no bard feelings either way, whichever you decide is best for you and your stream.
Credit: @Lylovir


Apparently. Retro Craze does not allow the use of LGBTQ+ tag on stream which is what Lylovir did, identifying himself and his stream as LGBTQ+.

This created controversy as the team was called out for homophobic acts, LGBTQ community supported Lylovir with some inviting him to their own team, while others went directly to RetroCraze’s Twitter and shared a piece of their mind regarding their actions.

While many supported Lylovir, some were on Retro Craze’s side, stating that they have the right to set their own rules and if someone doesn’t like the rules they can leave and join another team rather than attempt to push their own “agenda”.

Retro Craze till now did not publicly comment on this nor issue an apology.