Twitch Streamer Indiefoxx Banned For A Third Time In A Month

Category: Entertainment, Date: 23/Feb/2021

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Twitch streamer Indiefoxx has been banned from the platform for the third time in only 30 days.

On February 23, after the streamer had gone live with a “music stream,” her channel was once again taken down.

The reason behind her most recent was for inappropriate attire, a similar reason for both her previous bans.

The streamer was first banned on January 28, following a jacuzzi stream. She was later struck with another ban on February 1 – less than 24 hours after her first suspension was lifted.

Indiefoxx second ban on Twitch

The reason behind her second ban is believed to be because Indiefoxx streamed herself wearing lingerie and writing viewers’ names on herself.

Both previous bans lasted for a period of 3 days. However, the streamer’s latest ban will last for only one day.

Indiefoxx posted on her Twitter account disagreeing with the ban and that her stream was the “epitome of wholesome”. Where she mostly played the guitar while in bed.

Indiefoxx on Twitter: “3 time ban champ lol on a music stream where I was the epitomy of wholesome. I played guitar for 3 hours from bed. And don’t understand. At this point I feel targeted. There is no denying it. FIRST CAMEL TOE BAN I’VE EVER SEEN ON TWITCH, ICONIC.”

Twitch does not comment on community guidelines strikes to respect the privacy of users so it’s unlikely a public comment will be revealed.