Twitch Streamer Fareeha Receives A Warning For “lingerie” Stream

Category: Entertainment, Date: 15/9/2019

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Twitter: @AskFareeha

Popular Overwatch Twitch streamer Fareeha Andersen shared a screenshot of a warning email for violating Twitch’s Community guidelines.

Fareeha argued on Twitter against the warning claim, stating that she was not wearing lingerie, but was only wearing workout cloth. 

“I don’t even own lingerie, all I have are giant ass sports bras that I wear as shirts, they don’t even show an ounce of cleavage (as if I had any LOL)” Fareeha said.

Fareeha posted a picture of the clothes she was wearing while on stream that seemingly violated Twitch’s guidelines.

The email she received from Twitch stated the she was reported for breaking community guidelines, “Underwear and Lingerie” was the reason. The email continues mentioning that the VODs that were reported had been deleted to avoid further reports. 

Twitch’s email then stated that Fareeha will be on probation period for 90 days and she will not be eligible to take part in promotional opportunities or use of self-service emote.

Fareeha mentioned that her camera on stream is always shoulders and up. The warning confused a lot of Fareeha’s Twitter followers, as many other streamers wear more revealing cloth on stream but go unpunished. 

Back in February 2019, Twitch has banned Fareeha for 30 days in the past for “Hate Speech” after referring to South American players as “shit.” 

Not only angering part of the community, but also it was later revealed that a discord server that organizes mass reports against her exists. Which could be the reason she received a warning email from Twitch.