Twitch Streamer Banned While At TwitchCon For "Invasion Of Privacy"

Category: Entertainment, Date: 28/9/2019

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Yuber banned at Twitchcon for invasion of privacy
Credit: Twitch Yuber

Twitch streamer Yuber had his account banned after an interaction with two random women out in public while attending TwitchCon.

A clip of Yuber received attention after it was posted on Reddit, while live streaming at TwitchCon, Yuber approached two ladies having a drink and attempted to have a chat with them.

“Ladies, I’m going to be honest, I need a girlfriend.” Yuber said to both of them.
One woman responded with “I really appreciate you but I don’t want to be on camera right now.”

Both of them obviously bothered with Yuber’s question and pointing the camera at them. Yuber then would ask if they’re part of Twitch’s staff, which she responds with “I am.”

The streamer quickly turned around and ran away with the lady heard saying, “have a good day.” It didn’t take long before Yuber tweeted out informing his fans that he received a two-week ban for “Invasion of privacy”.

“Suspended for 14 days on Twitch due to “Invasion of Privacy”. Has to be the staff member clip. I was outside in the public the entire time. Unless they tell me something, then I will probably keep making the same mistake since there is absolutely no clarity. On YT until appeal.”

Twitch’s community guidelines state, “Sharing content that violates another’s reasonable expectation of privacy, for example streaming from a private space, without permission.”

The people that watched the clip were split, some were against Yuber receiving a ban stating that he was streaming in a public place, while others did not support the streamer’s actions stating that he was recording her without her permission even after she asked him not to, the streamer’s actions can also be considered harassment.

Other’s agreed that the streamer’s actions were out of line, but a two-week suspension is a little too much of a punishment.