Twitch Streamer BadBunny Accused Of Homophobic And Racist Comments

Category: Entertainment, Date: 22/Oct/2019

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Badbunny homophobic racist comments
Credit: Twitter: @BadBunnyTwitch

Popular Twitch streamer BadBunny responded to the allegations of using racist and homophobic words in her Discord server.

The first accusation was from a fellow streamer Steven ‘Destiny’ Bonell, accusing her of using racist and homophobic terms, as well as mocking someone for being ‘autistic’ in her own Discord server and he shared screenshots in a post on Twitter of BadBunny’s conversations. The tweet does not exist anymore due to Destiny’s account getting suspended after being mass reported.

BadBunny tweeted out denying all the allegations and accused Destiny of trying to “smear” and harass her.

Adam Dunas replied to BadBunny’s tweet with similar allegations and even more screenshots to back up his claims.

Instead of responding directly, BadBunny responded in an independent tweet claiming that the new screenshots being shared are also fake and stated that she has no reason to lie about the whole situation.

After a couple of days, another Twitch streamer joined in this messy situation, MindwavesTV shared 20 videos of BadBunny’s conversations in her own Discord server, and the videos show BadBunny’s account allegedly using the word “re**rd” repeatedly, as well as homophobic, transphobic, and anti-semitic comments.

BadBunny did not respond till now to MindwavesTV in regards to his claims.