Twitch Streamer Anita Reveals That Her Stalker Has Been Detained

Category: Entertainment, Date: 08/Nov/2019

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Twitch: Sweet_Anita

Popular Twitch streamer Sweet Anita revealed that police were able to detain a stalker that has been harassing her in real life for a month.

The streamer gained massive popularity not only for her outstanding personality but also for having Tourette’s syndrome which created some of the funniest moments on Twitch.
It’s well known that popular figures deal with online stalking, but offline stalkers that target them in real life is much more frightening.

On November 7, the streamer tweeted out that the police detained an alleged stalker and that she will cancel her planned broadcast because she’ll be at the station all night to provide a statement.

Anita also stated that this unknown person has been stalking her for a month, spending hours outside her house and even sleeping behind it. Anita mentioned that the individual assaulted her, without giving further details about it.

The streamer said she’s relieved that the alleged stalker was caught by the police, in the hopes that she can finally live peacefully and focus on her streaming career.