Twitch Streamer Alinity Accused Of Animal Abuse And The SPCA Investigates

Category: EntertainmentBy: Sorryow, Date: 20/7/2019

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Alinity, popular Twitch Streamer found herself in the center of hate yet again, this time for “throwing” her cat during her live stream.
Her cat, Milo, was clawing at her while she was playing Apex Legends, which ended up with her getting frustrated, lifting the cat and tossing it behind her shoulder.
The clip was shared on Reddit and Twitter, and comments came flooding, people considered it animal abuse and were demanding that Twitch bans Alinity, especially that she has a history of breaking Twitch TOS multiple times yet never punished.
Another clip circulated around, Alinity giving her cat Vodka, which showed the cat’s immediate annoyance the second it tasted it.
Peta also tweeted about the incident, pleading Twitch to take serious actions towards Alinity and to remove her off the platform.

People on Reddit and Twitter stated that cats are agile and Alinity tossing the cat behind her doesn’t pose any threat or danger on the cat while others completely disagreed and believed Alinity does much worse off stream if she’s willing to toss a cat and give it Vodka live on stream, and her actions give the wrong impression to her thousands of viewers, that might interpret it as acceptable and end up imitating her.

One user commented: “Attention seeker at the expense of a innocent animal is the lowest form …if she feeds the cat vodka what else is she capable of”
Another commented: “This doesn’t look like abuse…? It’s a cat. They will jump much farther than that on their own. She just tossed it over her shoulder. Was there any evidence of the cat getting injured? Maybe she’s done worse, but this particular clip doesn’t seem bad…”

Alinity immediately tweeted an apology for her actions saying the following:

“Hey everyone, I understand the concern and I am sorry for my lapses in judgement. I shouldnt have gotten frustrated with Milo, but I dropped him on the floor behind my chair. I’m not that strong 😛 . The Vodka thing was well over a year ago but it was also a stupid thing to do.”

That wasn’t enough for the community to let her off the hook, Ian Cheong tweeted informing everyone that the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is investigating the case after an official report has been filed.

Serious actions will be taken by the SPCA if Alinity is found to have actually been abusing her pets.