Twitch Councilor FerociouslySteph Responds To The Backlash Saying “I Have Power”

Category: Entertainment, Date: 18/May/2020

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Twitch streamer Steph “FerociouslySteph” Loehr made a response to the criticism she received after sharing controversial opinions that offended part of the community.

On May 14, Twitch announced a new council, which consists of eight people, either academics or veteran stars, in order to promote more consistent moderation across the streaming platform. One particular member of the new council stood out and caused controversy for her broadcasts.

FerociouslySteph has been receiving a lot of criticism for not only stating that voice chat should be removed from video games but also shared some controversial takes about “cis white males.”

On May 17, FerociouslySteph went live on Twitch and responded to the recent backlash she has been receiving.

“I’m not going anywhere, I have power. They can’t take it away from me,” she said, “some people should be afraid of [her].” 

Although FerociouslySteph did not mention any specific names, there have been a number popular streamers that have weighed their opinions in regards to what FerociouslySteph said, calling Twitch out to reconsider her position in the council and even lay some punishment for breaking the platform’s terms of service.

“I represent moderation and diversity,” FerciouslySteph continued. “I’m gonna come for harmful people. If you’re a really sh***y person, I’m gonna stand up against you. Twitch is endorsing me to do that.”

But an hour after her statement, the newly announced Twitch councilor began to contradict herself, admitting that she has “literally zero power right now” and was unsure the capacity of the power that’ll be given to her in the future, “I have no idea how much power I have…at the moment, it’s zero.” 

“I might have more [power] later, but right now all I can tell is that I’m supposed to say what things I think are maybe bad ideas,” FerociouslySteph continued. “Then Twitch will maybe act on them.” She also stated that she is not part of Twitch staff.

This only resulted in the community and streamers questioning why would Twitch pick a person that would make blatant threats on stream while still having no authority to act upon those threats.