Twitch Confirms Breastfeeding Is Allowed On Their Platform And Their Rules Will Be Updated!

Category: EntertainmentBy: Sorryow, Date: 8/2/2019

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Instagram: Heatheredeffect

A clip of Heather “HeatheredEffect” Kent breastfeeding her baby went viral, during a Just Chatting stream Heather breastfed her baby while continuing to chat on the stream live in front of her viewers.

A lot were quick to call Heather out on breaking Twitch’s terms of service and believed that it’s classified as nudity.

Heather posted the deleted clip on Twitter under #normalizebreastfeeding, stating that breastfeeding is normal.

A lot of users weren’t siding with Heather on this one, it was a violation of Twitch’s policy in their opinion.

People were divided with those siding with Heather and believe breastfeeding should be looked upon as something natural and not considered lewd, while the other side considered it nudity and it shouldn’t be on a “gaming” platform.

Yesterday, Heather tweeted a copy of the message that she had received from Twitch after a lot of backlash both Heather and Twitch were receiving from both sides, Twitch finally responded, Twitch has stated that breastfeeding shouldn’t be considered lewd content and it isn’t against TOS, they will be updating their community guidelines.

“After further discussions between Partnerships, Safety Ops and Trusty and Safety there is alignment between all teams that breastfeeding is not and will not be against the ToS.” 

It’s an enormous victory for Heather and her supporters pushing them one step closer towards normalizing breastfeeding.
“Moral of the story: Never back down for the things you believe in regardless of the backlash you receive,” Heather said. “You can make a difference.”