Twitch Co-founder Makes A Joke About Dr Disrespect Ban During A Stream

Category: Entertainment, Date: 05/Mar/2021

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Justin Kan/Dr Disrespect

One of Twitch’s co-founders Justin Kan jokes about Dr Disrespects ban in a recent stream.

Back in summer 2020, Dr Disrespect received a permanent ban on Twitch without a reason behind Twitch’s decision. Until now, fans have yet to find out why their favorite streamer was banned and left on mere speculations.

During a recent stream, Twitch and co-founder Justin Kan joined a panel of guests to discuss the ongoing violence against the AAPI Community. Although the stream is discussing a serious topic, Justin made a light joke about the ongoing drama surrounding Dr Disrespect’s ban. 

“I am one of the co-founders of and Twitch, and I was also instructed to say that I no longer work at Twitch. So, any opinions that I have, have nothing to do with Twitch. I haven’t been a part of Twitch for years in years, and I can not unban Dr Disrespect.” 

It seems a lot of the Doc’s fans have reached out to Justin to potentially unban Dr Disrespect which prompted Justin to make the humorous comment.

Dr Disrespect transitioned to YouTube and remains one of the most popular streamers on the platform. Twitch and Dr Disrespect have yet to reveal the reason he’s banned on Twitch and whether or not he’ll be unbanned in the future.