TikTok Star Nessa Barrett Harassed After Her Address Was Leaked Online

Category: Entertainment, Date: 28/May/2020

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Nessa Barrett

TikTok star Nessa Barrett calls out “rude and weird” people for harassing her after her address, her phone number, and her parents’ details were leaked to the public.

The popular TikTok star has been in a couple of controversial topics. One, in particular, was when she offended the Muslim community after dancing to the Quran being recited.

Although Nessa has made mistakes in the past, leaking her personal information is not correct and is considered illegal in the US.

Nessa called out those that are invading her privacy describing them as “rude and weird.” She asked people in a series of tweets to “stop invading privacy,” she also added, “my address has fully been leaked, my number, my parents’ numbers, and now ppl have constantly been banging on the door and taking videos.”

Nessa also went on Instagram Live to address the issue, explaining what has happened and saying that she’s “stepping in” because now her family is becoming endangered.

“My home address has been circling around, my family has been getting harassed,” Nessa said. She also added that she wasn’t at home, so fans showing up to meet her would be wasting their time.

Leaking private information of famous influencers can lead to serious problems for them and fans should not randomly knock on an influencer’s door if they’re not invited.