Teenager Arrested After Allegedly Threatening To Bomb Konami

Category: Entertainment, Date: 02/Jul/2020

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A 16-year old high school student in Tokyo was arrested for allegedly threatening to bomb the gaming company Konami.

According to Yomiuri and Mainichi, the teenager threatened to bomb the company on the review section of the PES mobile soccer game between June 16-18. The teenager allegedly wrote, “I’m going to blow up Konami’s headquarters” and “I’m going to kill the people who work at Konami.”

The threats led Konami to strengthen their security around its headquarters. The suspect later confessed to the threats he made, stating that the reason that led him to make the threats were due to an in-game bug that caused connection issues and made him lose games.

Konami made the right decision to take the threats seriously especially after the Kyoto Animation studio was set on fire, which led to the death of 36 people and 33 were injured.