T-Series Hits 100 Million Subscribers And Youtube Ends The Subscriber Count War

Category: EntertainmentBy: Sorryow, Date: 31/5/2019

After a long war between the Swedish Youtuber and the multi-billion company T-Series has come to an end after Pewdiepie requested in a video that the Pewdiepie vs T-Series should stop, stating that it was fun but it had gotten out of hands with a lot of negativity caused by it and he believed that it wasn’t worth it anymore.

The difference in subscribers skyrocketed afterward in favor of T-Series, hitting 100 million subscribers and making T-Series the first channel to reach that milestone.

Credit: @TSeries

T-Series tweeted celebrating their achievement and finalizing the battle, Youtube congratulated T-Series on Twitter, telling it to make room on its shelf for a new trophy, which will probably be similar to the play button they hand out when a channel reaches 1 million or 10 million subscribers.

Youtube didn’t stop there though, they’ve decided to come up with a plan to fight against the “Subscriber War” and the “Cancel Culture”, especially after the Pewdiepie vs T-Series war and the James Charles and Tati drama, deciding the best solution is to round up the subscribers count for each channel. 

A channel with 2129 subscribers, for example, will now show 2.1k subscribers for everyone and only the creator themselves can see the exact numbers of subscribers, that created a lot of controversy on twitter especially with a lot of users showing their dislike, especially that it will affect sites that keep track of stats such as “Social Blade” negatively, with them losing their ability to get accurate data on subscriber count.

We’ll keep our eyes on the new subscriber count and how it’ll affect Youtube when it comes, will it be enough to stop cancel culture? To be honest we don’t believe it will as it’s just not enough to stop people from rallying and targeting a person in an attempt to ruin them