Swebliss Accuses Twitch Of Sexism After Ban For Her Clothing

Category: Entertainment, Date: 22/March/2020

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Popular Twitch streamer Swebliss accuses Twitch of sexism after her account was suspended, suggesting the reason behind it is clothing discrimination.

The Swedish streamer, Swebliss known for her art and fashion stream found her account suspended for a period of 24-hours. Swebliss took things to twitter where she expressed that her suspension was unjust.

“Someone reported me and Twitch closed the stream one day. This is insane. Twitch being hateful for clothes I’ve been wearing for years!? It’s fashion you closeminded a**holes!”

Twitter: Swebliss

In now-deleted tweets, Swebliss accused the decision to suspend her account of being “discriminating” and took things further by accusing other streamers of doing much worse things on the platform.

Swebliss later deleted the tweets stating that she didn’t want it to seem as though she blamed the specific Twitch staff she had tagged.

Twitch has strict guidelines on what is considered appropriate attire, and many streamers have found their accounts suspended due to their choice of clothing. Since this is her first suspension she’ll only be banned for 24-hours before she can stream again normally.

Twitch did not give a comment in regards to the suspension.